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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  February 4, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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>> adrenaline. i am not tired. >> it will be troughing see if people are going to work and how the roads are looking as the morning goes on. >> yes. >> right now they are quiet. >> reporter: very quiet. i think people will be calling out sick today. >> might be the right day to do it. >> yeah. and you know the cold weather is not going to help but you know what, i don't think people are feeling the cold because they are so excited. but we are dealing with temperatures in the 20s. if you are stepping out and about bundle up. we have the temperature in davidsonville coming in at 25 degrees. and we are going to be deeing with the wind -- dealing with the wind chill throughout the day. in emmettsburg, 3 to 6 miles an hour make it feel like the teens. more of the same in annapolis with temperatures at 23 and winds out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour. and as we go throughout the day, not warming up that much. i am forecasting a high around 32. i will show you that in second. looking at maryland's most powerful radar, we are nice and dry as of now. we did get a few showers that rolled through the area last
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night. once again another slip he -- clipper came through. another one through this evening and this is what the planner looks like throughout the day. by lunchtime still a little breezy 30 degrees and making it feel like we are in the 20s and as we go into 3, that's when we can see a few flurries around the area. 32 is the high temperature as we go into the evening. that clipper could put down about a dusting to an inch of snow. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: snow 20 degree weather and no sleep but who cares. ravens won the superbowl. how awesome is that. if you are heading to work, 95 is clear. there's nothing to get in your way from elk ridge to down down baltimore. altogether -- downtown baltimore. altogether 14 minutes. and as we look live at 83, up in hunt valley, notice traffic is moving along. this will be the same scenario as we get on the jfx and head into the city. 11 minutes southbound from the beltway all the way down to
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east fayette treat. looking at the other abc2 timesaver traffic reports, beltway in great ship. it's going to take 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and west side will remain nice and clear just 11 minutes to travel outer loop from 795 down to 95 and the inner loop will remain clear up through 83. that's a look at your morning commute. charley over to you. and the ravens have won it. >> just like that the ravens are world champions and it's moment the fans have been waiting for. lombardi is coming back to charm city but the ride to get here wasn't easy. and it's a season you will not forget any time soon. ravens struck first in the game. joe flacco to boldin one of the favorite targets on the night. flacco threw for almost 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. after a second quarter turnover by 49ers james coughing it up and it is flacco one of the
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favorites targets for the evening, he got himself out of trouble for a couple times. jones who the the catch of the night. -- hoe got the catch of the night. -- shall who got the catch of the night. 108 yards later to start the third quarter. he flies from every territory. 28-6 and the super dome goes dark and you have a 34-minute delay and collin is ready to go. and the 49ers shell out 17 unanswered points. but it comes down to that play. the ravens are superbowl champs and this is well and good but we have to hear from the guy in charge of the ravens. john harbaugh talking about what it means for two of the biggest plays bytwo new orleans natives. >> jacoby has been a blessing to the team and we are grateful to have him on the team.
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and he's from here in new orleans and ed reid and for those guys to do that in their hometown those are two phenomenal plays. kick return was well blocked and jacoby made it with his feet and to make the catch and go down and get up and outrun someone it should go down in superbowl history. >> flacco was named the mvp and history regarding the superbowl and number 34, as it relates to the baltimore ravens. that's the exact same number of points the ravens scored back in 2001 when they beat the giants final score there 34-7 and final score tonight 34-31 and the first time the 49ers lost a superbowl game makes 3 superbowls for the baltimore counting the colts victory in superbowl 5. >> thanks. more now on the power outage that caused a delay during the game. the ravens were leading the 49ers 28-6 when most of the lights in the super dome went
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out with 13 minutes, 22 seconds in the left in the third quarter. >> the light was good when they went out. i don't know what it would have looked like on tv but i think the receivers would have been able to see the ball and all that. the biggest issue is theheadsets i think ours were work and theirs weren't. >> he physicians say the outage happened when they were -- officials say the outage happened when an abnormality was detected. no doubt about it, the party started as it was the game ended as fans filled the streets especially in communities like federal hill. sherrie johnson continues live team coverage. how is it looking out there. >> reporter: well, we are live on south charles street. right now everything is quiet. but it was a different scene last night. you can see here the remnants of the parties that took place. lots of trash and debris everywhere. we have seen some of the street sweepers going through trying to get handle on this and clean up the area. and some people will have a little bit of a surprise when
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they return to their cars this morning. parking enforcement was out bright and early this morning issued tickets and put a boot on several wheels of the cars here. some folks opted to leave the cars here and maybe had too much to drink but they will have a supplies when they -- surprise when they return to pick up their vehicles. look at this video. >> reporter: once the ravens pulled out a win, crowds spilled into the streets folks were cheering and singing and fans climbed light posts and men began to take off their shirts and people waived sparkleers and everyone was excitesed and what great time. everywhere you -- excited and what great time. everywhere you look the place
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isfilled with purple pride. sherrie johnson. it didn't take long superbowl gear began to fly off the store shelves immediately after zero were on the clock in the 34-31 final was official. linda so is live in carney this morning. and we let it slide last time. you are decked out in a sweatshirt. >> reporter: i am. okay. first of all, first things first no disrespect but who needs this. yeah. yeah. who needs that when you have all of this. we are here at modell's sporting goods sorry about that we were at dick's last night. we are at modell's in carney and they are stocked. they have plenty of ravens member memorabilia to commemorate the huge win a huge fan joining us this morning. you were here last night when the doors opened how crazy was it. >> the line was to the back of the store and it's to come back to get my hat. they ran out last night to show
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you how much it was. >> did you stay up for the whole game and you are up early. >> yes, i did. i was up early and took off today and tomorrow for the parade. i can't wait. >> reporter: you are sending the hats to family. >> i got a brother in louisiana and i know you are not watching but one of the hats are going back to you my brother. >> reporter: awesome. so when you were here when doors opened after the game, they stayed open until 1:30. you were with fans and didn't mind waiting in line. and. >> no, everybody is running up and down high fiving each other and it was great and neat. it's great for the city. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: it's so exciting. >> it's very exciting. >> reporter: awesome. modell's opened the doors a couple minutes ago 6 this morning ants registers are opened and they are stocked and have plenty of t-shirts and morebocks. they have t-shirts and banners and flags and mittens and footballs and hats and everything you can think of come on in doors are opened. they are open for extended
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hours and they are ready to g live in carney, linda so, abc2 news. battle of the harbaugh brothers and jim the younger of the two lost. john harbaugh said in the post game handshake it was the most difficult thing he had done and has nothing about respect for his younger brother. >> i just believe in him and have so much respect for him and admire him and look up to him and i am hurting for him in that sense, yes. >> john said there's no greater competitor and no greater coachin the national football league than the head coach of the 49ers. that being jim harbaugh. the ravens victory parade is going to be tuesday starting at 11 in the morning at city hall and ends at m and t stadium. abc2 will cover it live. if you can't make it downtown you can get the action on air and online at you can't go anywhere without seeing jerseys with the number 52 on them. watch this. the magic of tv. >> you've been cut off: listen
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to. this superbowl win to end his career ray lewis gear is hotter than ever. if you within the to buy something with 52 on it, we will tell you what to look for so you don't get scamed. heart problems and anxiety and insomnia things you don't want your child to endure but so many are and it's avoidable if you heed the warning from doctors. we will explain how energy drinks could be tied to this. >> so temperatures are in the teens this morning. that's what it feels like. but there is a slight warmup on the way seasonable. we will talk about that coming up. >> reporter: good morning. if you are heading downtown, 95 is nice and clear here at 395. i will let you know what traffic looks like on the beltway and 83 on good morning maryland. >> ten minutes after 6. that is live quiet picture in new york city 5th avenue an area famous for shopping and museums and, of course, st. patrick's cathedral. we will be right back. >> reporter: in today's tech
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bites searching during the superbowl. top search during the game was for a live stream of the game. on bing it was the superbowl and the blackout and yahoo the top search was power outage. apple is the top smart phone seller for the first time thanks to the launch of the iphone 5 last quarter. they had 39% of the market samsung 30%. temple run 2 is the fastest growing mobile game ever with 50 million down loads in less than two weeks. will by thinks it deserves the honor. >> it's amazing how the game of this quality is free you know once you down load it there's so many challenges and it keeps you coming back for more. >> reporter: temple run 2 is a free down load and today's facebook 9th birthday the facebook was called launched by mark zuckerberg in 2004 on this date. today it has more than a billion users and those are your tech bites.
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♪the home of the brave. >> i leasha keys bringing in thenational anthem and ravens bringing home the lombardi trophy. >> what way tore ray lieuis to end his career. >> the retitle makes him a hot commodity and scammers will do all they can to make sure that the memorabilia is not what it seems. >> joce sterman has more with the warning in in week's scam alert. >> reporter: he is the face of the franchise and a fan
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favorite. with ray lewis about to retire going out in the superbowl his stock continues to rise. >> he was already a very popular player. we know he will be going to the hall of fame at some point. so his signature his likeness is valuable. >> reporter: and jody thomas with the better business bureau of greater maryland doesn't want you to break the bank. people are sellingly scrit mit gear scammers are in the market. >> know the value and what you are getting. >> reporter: especially if you hit the web in search of things send by 5 #. online auction sites are a option but look out for common scams. shell bidding is where sell verse people they know make bids to bump up the price and you may be buying a fake even if it seems legitimate. experts say it's easy to claim you're selling authentic signed memorabilia. scammers will create fake certificates. >> it's hard to prove authenticity. unless you saw ray signing that football or that jersey how do
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you know? >> reporter: shopping online, use pay pal or a credit card to protect your purchase. don't go off trusted sites to do business over e-mail because it's common scammer tactic and ray will be great in a couple weeks so you may want to let lewis fever cool down before you buy. >> certainly it doesn't hurt to wait and do today do your research. >> reporter: abc2 news joce sterman. >> spending of it's so cold out you -- speaking of, it's so cold out you may want to wear a hat. >> stylish. >> i like it a lot. >> our friends from sports authority dropped them off letting us know they will sell the memorabilia as well. you have a t-shirt. >> i do. this hat looks square for my head i feel like i need to break it in. this is what it is about. linda so has a live report so we will check in with the hot merchandise. >> she is throwing on the hoody saying rings don't lie. >> i know. >> feel the hat. >> i know i love it. >> the bill is so cool.
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>> it is now -- is this mine. >> it is now. >> i got you charles. >> do the weather. >> we will talk about cold temperatures and some snow mock back in and you will need a hat on for today chilly temperatures are stying around but you wonder if you will see snow and you went to my facebook page and i said snow or no snow. we will have more and we are watching another clipper diving down from canada around the great lakes and it is headed towards us. going into the evening, so as we go into about 3, not ruling out flurries across the area. but the bulk of the snow about a dusting to an inch will get in here as gee go-- as we go into tonight and linger into tomorrow morning. we are cold and have high pressure that will build in very briefly and then we have that clipper that area of low pressure that's going to slide into the area. this morning, temperatures are cold. look what we have in hereford at19 degrees. but factoring in the winds and we have the gusts in here up to
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about 20 miles an hour and we are feeling a lot colder. we feel like we are in the teens everywhere. we feel like the teens in easton and havre de grace grace at 18. check out abc2's most accurate future trend and we can see what's going on. we have a little sun. partly sunny to mostly cloudy as the clouds move back in. 10 this evening, more snow showers across the area. and again very light in nature. we have the clippers comingthrough all weekend we will do it again heading into tomorrow evening and things start to dry out and quiet down a little bit. but for today, the high temperature coming in around 32 degrees. that's it. and then going through the ravens victory parade this is what it looks like. 34 degrees and cold with the wind out of the north at 5 to 10 miles an hour and make sure tobundle up as you step out and about. let's check the abc2 time saber traffic with lauren cook. >> it will be -- >> reporter: it will be cold
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and we might see snow. but no one will care. congratulations to the ravens. if you are traveling in howard county this morning, nothing in your way on interstate 706789 clear from columbia pike to 695. and this is from 695 in pikesville at green spring avenue. traffic is mock along. an 8-minute -- moving along. an 8 minute ride from 759 to 95. and the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times free of delays on the east side. 11 minutes from 95 to 83. and 95 in white marsh no concerns there. 14 minutes to travel southbound from the beltway all the way into the city. that's a look at your morning commute. now over to you. heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the united states. but there are somethings to do to reduce the risk. for example doctors say it's important to have a diet low in saturated fat.
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cholesterol and sodium. also you will want to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at normal levels. have them checked and don't forget to include 30 minutes every day of exercise. parents listen to this a new report from the journal pediatrics suggest energy drinks could pose a health risk to your child. it says the high caffeine content can cause cardiovascular problem and anxiety and insomnia. >> they are unregulate and may say there's a certain amount of caffeine but you are never sure how much and this may not be the only caffeine he source a child is getting. >> it contains high unregulated amounts of caffeine and other stimulants that can enhance the effects of the caffeine leading to die justive problems and dehydration. and -- digestive problems and die she drey tigs -- dehydration. we will talk about the ads. >> an ep being play data kiss from a prom queen did you have
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a favorite? we will look at the commercial many people are talking about today. i can't stand this ad. >> it's bad. look at bourbon street in new orleans. pretty quiet right now but i bet you there's ravens fans staggering around. we will be right back. [ stefan ] with a cold or flu, nighttime nasal congestion
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can be the worst part. my medicine alone doesn't always give me all the congestion relief i need to sleep. [ female announcer ] adding breathe right nasal strips can make all the difference. it's proven to instantly relieve cold or flu nasal congestion. [ stefan ] and because it's drug free, it's safe to use with any medicine to relieve my nighttime stuffy nose. so i can breathe better and sleep better. [ female announcer ] go to for special offers.
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none of you had the ravens in the game let alone winning it. baltimore city, charm city, world champions baby. >> that's -- this is for the whole city of baltimore for everybody who believed in us. >> so many of the ravens players talking about what it means to the city of baltimore to be superbowl champs once again. ray lewis said it when he was up on podium john harbaugh and smith and t-sizzle. >> congratulations to them and happy monday morning to all you ravens fan. >> so besides the big win many of you took time between the game not between when we were watching the game paying attention to the ads. >> so this year 30 seconds of air time cost upward of 4
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million bucks. budweiser introduced a new beer and clydesdale called brotherhood shows a new horse raised by a farmer and reuniting with him at the end. >> who can forget the kiss from go dad yea super modeel getting cozy with a nerd. the model is leonardo dicaprio's ex-girlfriend but the nerd, does it matter? >> those are some of the ads and we want to know which was your favorite and which did you hate? head to facebook on abc2. we want to hear your thoughts. >> i like the tide commercial. it's time for caption this where viewers send in pictures and we post them and allow you to caption it. this is of decklin one of the cutest ravens fans i've seen. jen wrote in sage i might be a baby but i will be a fan to the end. ruth doing the ray lewis dance.
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chantelle oh. and janet mcdonald her caption was superbowl champs baby. such a good win. such a good, good win. ♪ god bless america god shed. >> that's jennifer hudson hinging -- singing the america the beautiful with students from sandy hook. survivors of the shooting rampage in december 26 people died in that mass consider among them 20 -- massacre. among them 20 children. looking at big news around the country. >> we will go to california where there's a major rescue involving a bus crash. you may have heard this while watching the game. we will fell -- fill you in on what happened ahead.
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are's watching the station that works for you. -- you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> superbowl belongs to baltimore. >> purple rain once again. ravens fans could not be more excited. lombardi heading back to charm city the we will tell you about the night that was coming up in few moments on this monday, day after the superbowl, for many it's an extended holiday. >> absolutely or maybe of a been up for 24 hours. but we are asking you to go to our facebook fan page and let


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